Tom surveying the streetsTom Tunney believes that keeping an open dialogue with both police and residents is crucial to keeping our neighborhood safe. Tom can often be seen at CAPS meetings, Block Club meetings, visiting with neighborhood groups, and meeting with area police to talk about criminal activities in the area.

As a result of these meetings, Tom worked with CPD to find new police officers for the 19th District and create the first ever Lakeview Entertainment Detail. This specialized detail is dedicated to curbing illegal activity in Lakeview, especially after Cubs games. The great relationship Tom has with local police officers earned him the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police.



Tom with studentsUnder Tom Tunney’s leadership, Lakeview has come to have some of the best schools in the City of Chicago. Tom believes in taking a hands-on approach to education. That is why he works hand in hand with principals, parents, and teachers to find the resources our schools need. In the past few years, Tom built new turf fields at our elementary schools, secured funding for a new addition to Blaine Elementary, and found the resources to build new science labs at Nettlehorst Elementary.

Tom understands the importance of improving our local high schools so that families can choose to give their children a quality public high school education. That is why Tom has been working with administrators at Lakeview High School to implement a new STEM program that will allow our children to compete for 21st Century Jobs.


Economic Development

As a small business owner, Tom understands the struggles that most small businesses go through. Tom also knows how crucial small businesses are to Lakeview’s continued growth and success. That is why Tom worked hard to get rid of the city’s “Head Tax” on businesses, which required companies to pay a fee for each person that it employed. Tom believes that Chicago is a great place to do business and supports eliminating financial constraints that stall job growth and prevent employers from hiring new workers.


Affordable Housing

Tom giving speechRecently, Tom worked with the Chicago Housing Authority to open a new affordable housing development to meet the needs of LGBT seniors. The 79-unit development at 3600 N. Halsted is one of the first in the country to specifically meet the needs of low-income LGBT seniors. A staunch supporter of affordable housing, Tom wants all Chicago residents to have the ability to afford to live in Lakeview.


Quality of Life

Tom with two seniorsAs a longtime resident and business owner in the 44th Ward, Tom is committed to improve the overall quality of life of the community to ensure that Lakeview remains a vibrant neighborhood where people want to live, work and raise their families. In the past four years, Tom has helped secure three new parks in Lakeview to add greenspace where neighbors can gather and kids can play. He has also worked to keep Lakeview’s vibrant commercial and entertainment sectors strong, and supports community building activities including neighborhood festivals, block parties. Tom also recently established the Lakeview public art program to enhance streetscapes in our community.